Were IT all started

1821-2021. Great personalities make history. Nikolaos Skoufas, one of the founding fathers and the true leader of the Greek revolutionary secret brotherhood “Philikí Etaireía” (1814) with a crucial role in the uprising against the Ottomas on March 25, 1821, unfortunately didn’t celebrate the Greek Independence. With origins from Arta (1779), where he took his first business steps in the manufacture of hats, “skoufia” (nickname that gave him the well-known name SKOUFAS), he moved to Odessa in 1813 to take up commerce. His life’s dream was the liberation of Greece from the Ottomans. Russia was the place where he and his partners, Tsakalof and Xanthos, founded the “Philikí Etaireía”  brotherhoοd that sparkled the Revolution to which they devoted the rest of their lives. A spark that still lights the lives of free Greeks.

For us at the IT company, Skoufa Street is the spark and the heart of our community. Here on Skoufa 29?, where IT all started, we share our dream for pure, top-quality, delicious food.

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