IT is more than a restaurant

IT is...

fresh & healthy

IT is fresh & healthy

Our food is fresh, healthy, delicious and “down to earth”, always with a creative twist. We love simple and “clean” tastes that respect the pure, seasonal and nutritious ingredients we source every day. We avoid chemical additives, artificial flavors or taste enhancers. Healthy comfort food made with love and care.

all about people

IT is all about people

We care about the people around us. We respect and take care of our staff and actively participate in our society by offering food for charity and supporting social actions. At the same time, we are building an IT Community, on the grounds of our IT values: moderation, cordial and warm extroversion, simplicity, honesty, authenticity, solidarity, respect and high aesthetics.

honest & conscious

IT is honest & conscious

We operate with social consciousness, sensitivity and honesty. We believe in recycling and energy saving and we try to eliminate waste and exggeration. We use environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging and try to reduce energy consumption in our venue by following green protocols.

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