IT's Food On time!

How can a plate of food become a catalyst in our effort to eliminate social exclusion?

On Wednesday, April 13 at 19:20, we are expecting you at our restaurant, where Food On will organize one of its Social Dining events and all together we will create a unique and memorable social experience with a humanitarian cause.

People do not need food only as a fuel, but also as an occasion for social contact and interaction with other people.

Through Food On’s Social Dining, we come together with our fellow human beings who experience social exclusion and we become an active community that interacts, collaborates, and shares experiences of solidarity. This is the first step of their empowerment within the framework of the integrated program of Food On which includes participation in social dinners, networking, training, and job placement in the food services industry.

If you are ready to experience a different kind of socialization and contribute to our effort for a world without social exclusion.

APPLY TO JOIN at [email protected]

* Do not forget to write a name and a contact phone number, so that we can call you and inform you about this original socialization action, from Food On and IT 🤞

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