IT is a woman’s world

In women we trust! A year ago, six women joined forces for a unique tailor-made event for Women’s Day, offering a call to 12 dynamic women, mothers, employees, businesswomen, superheroes of the modern era.

Daphne from Weleda and Aggeliki from Grizo & Prasino, trusted IT, on Skoufa 29 Street, to tastefully “dress” a “grizoprasino” workshop, launching the skin food series from Weleda, all in harmony with nature brought to us by our florist Maria Yperalfeia.

At the end of the project, we looked at each other in admiration, for everything that we stand for, for what we have conquered and accomplished against all odds and for all that is coming. A year later, we know that we are bound together with trust, inspiration, confidence and creativity.

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