IT goes north!

IT restaurant, your favourite healthy comfort eatery, is expanding to the north of Athens! IT Chalandri is now open and ready to deliver your preferred dishes to the northern suburbs of Athens, growing its radius of service to meet old and new customers.

IT Chalandri is located on Palaiologou 31, featuring a bright and fresh take with vibrant yellow seats, white tiles and deep green walls making it hard to miss as you pass by. Following our ongoing philosophy of zero-waste across all our business activities, IT Chalandri adopts revolutionary green practices in collaboration with Polygreen by integrating resources management solutions for all waste streams through innovative waste treatment and final disposal systems. Nothing is wasted and everything is reused!

Our state of the art kitchen is fired up and our talented chefs have sourced the best ingredients to cook for you in the most articulate ways. As always, it is our wish and pleasure to deliver the best possible healthy comfort food to you wherever you are.

You can now place your orders over the phone or through wolt.

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