IF... IT's LOVE!


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The IT team knows what we have all been through in recent years, how much joy was silenced, spontaneity controlled, the touch decreased, the celebration calmed down, the gatherings lost, the music shut down, the conversations with friends reduced and the flavors and aromas flattened. With this in mind, we decided, on Valentine’s Day, to celebrate everything that for us is Love and is done with love.

Whatever reminds us of our home, feels intimate, does not threaten, and embraces us with warmth, is love!

When something or someone is next to you and with small deeds or by his example or by his faith makes you a better person, it is love!

When the flavors are favorite, the recipe is guaranteed, the atmosphere warm and the environment simple and pleasant, this is IT!

IT is all of us who all these years have been enjoying together some of the most beautiful moments!

We celebrate you and us and give love to everything that really matters in life!

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