IT is lent season

Lent is a time of fasting and abstinence from certain foods, including meat, dairy, eggs, and fish. IT restaurant has enriched its plant-based menu and offers nutritious choices for a delicious fasting diet.
This year we enjoy traditional tarama dip, orso with octopus, skioufichta with basil pesto, coconut yogurt for breakfast to detoxify our bodies from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and carnival.


Coconut yogurt bowl 7,00
with chia seeds, kiwi, banana, blueberry

Seasonal fruit salad 5,50
citrus juice, lime, spearmint, coconut flake

Roasted pepper hummus 5,80
with pita chips

Homemade pita 7,50
seasonal greens, pine nuts

Quinoa (bio) avocado 11,00
corn, roasted carrots, tahini cream

Lentils (bio) and black-eyed peas 7,00
carrot, celery, herbs, almond flakes

Tahini noodles with shrimps 14,50
carrot, cucumber, edamame, crispy kale, radish, tahini dressing

Traditional pasta “Skioufihta” 9,00
basil pesto, spinach, vegan cream

Traditional tarama dip 6,50

Traditional tarama dip with octopus 13,00

Green salad with artichoke 11,00
roasted pepper, walnuts, orange sauce

Barley with octopus 17,00
cherry tomatoes, ouzo

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